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Dual Fuel Burners

dual fuel mechanical modular monoblock burner

Nox Reduction Methods

During the last century, Nitrogen oxide emissions, called NOx, have constantly been increasing. Due to the destructive effects of nitrogen oxides on the health of

Industrial Furnace Burners

The «furnace industry» and products determine the type of flame contact. In many heat treatment processes, where the combustion gases must not come into contact

Dual Fuel Burners

RLGB-MC Series Raadman Burner

Mechanical Modular Burners cover a firing range of 1000 up to 6,200 kW generally. They can be used wherever heat is needed in heating residences or hospitals, schools or offices, in industry or trade, on board ships and for mobile plant. They are suitable for all commonly available gas and oil types and are notable for their superior reliability, longevity, great economy and ease of manganese.

mechanical modular dual fuel mono block burner

Burner Selection

Burner Capacity (KW) Turn Down Burner Capacity (KW) Turn Down
RLGB-MC-110 NG: 350-1100 1:3 RLGB-MC-175/LN NG: 320-1800 1:5
LFO: 350-1100 1:3 LFO: 320-1800 1:5
RLGB-MC-145 NG: 400-1380 1:4 RLGB-MC-205/LN NG: 450-2200 1:5
LFO:400-1380 1:4 LFO:450-2200 1:5
rlgb mc 110 & 145 mechanical modular mono block dual fuel burner
rlgb mc 175 & 205 mechanical modular mono block dual fuel burner
Burner Capacity (KW) Turn Down Burner Capacity (KW) Turn Down
RLGB-MC-305/LN NG: 600-3000 1:5 RLGB-M-405/LN NG: 680-4100 1:6
LFO: 600-3000 1:5 LFO: 680-4100 1:6
RLGB-MC-385/LN NG: 650-3500 1:5 RLGB-M-505/LN NG: 700-5100 1:7
LFO:650-3500 1:5 LFO:700-5100 1:7
Burner Capacity (KW) Turn Down Burner Capacity (KW) Turn Down
RLGB-MC-255 NG: 580-2400 1:4 RLGB-MC-605/LN NG: 1000-6100 1:6
LFO: 580-2400 1:4 LFO: 1000-6100 1:6

Working diagrams for light fuel oil burner are certified in accordance with EN 267.
The firing rate diagram has been obtained considering the ambient temperature of 20°C and atmospheric pressure of 1013 mbar (Sea level condition).

Fuel System

Dual-fuel burner (Light Oil side)

Type OL-III:(Two Stages dual-fuel burner)

Type OL-III:(Three Stages dual-fuel burner)

MV: Fan motor VD1: Light oil delivery valve Stage 1 C: Coupling
MP: Pump motor VD2: Light oil delivery valve Stage 2 G: Gauge
FS: Flame Sensor VD2: Light oil delivery valve Stage F: Gas or oil flame
VD: Light oil safety valve TA: ignition transformer ASV: Air damper servomotor
PA: Air pressure switch