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PM Series (Post Mixed Burners)

Post Mixed Burners

Nox Reduction Methods

During the last century, Nitrogen oxide emissions, called NOx, have constantly been increasing. Due to the destructive effects of nitrogen oxides on the health of

Industrial Furnace Burners

The «furnace industry» and products determine the type of flame contact. In many heat treatment processes, where the combustion gases must not come into contact

PM Series (Post Mixed Burners)

Raadman Post-mixed Burners

In nozzle mixed burners, fuel and air enter the combustion head from independent paths and are mixed by diffuser and flow swirling blades. The idea of designing premix burners has been formed to increase the Homogeneity of mixture, and consequently increases the combustion quality of the burner and reduce NOx and CO emissions.

The mixing head has been innovatively designed for complete mixing of fuel and air using staging mechanism and a set of flow rotating blades. The fuel and air are injected from independent paths and are mixed through two rows of rotating blades, due to the creation of vortices and turbulence in the flow.

Post Mixed Burner

Electrical Modular Operation

Full electronic modulating burners are designed to safely operate throughout its firing range from high fire to low fire. The most common turndown ratings in PB-Series burner are 1:5 up to 1:6. High turndown is used to reduce the burner cycling and maintain a consistent temperature or pressure in the boiler. This is crucial if the boiler is used in an industrial process that requires a consistent temperature or pressure. PB-Series burners are equipped with an electronic microprocessor management panel, which in post-mixed burners controls the air damper and fuel servomotors and in pre-mixed burners, using PWM signals, controls fan rotational speed. Using electronic modulation, hysteresis is prevented by the precise control of the separated in independent servomotors and the software linked by can – bus. The Siemens LMV26/37 and Siemens LME71, as the most popular brands used in Raadman Post-Mixed and Premix burners respectively. This burner Control System combines the benefits of an electronic fuel/air ratio controller with an electronic burner control unit.

Firing Rate of Post-Mixed Burner

Post-mixed burner general dimension

post mixed burner general dimension

Model L1 L2 L3 L4 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 Number Of Holes
RPB-M-50/PM 1161 478 300 178 200 460 435 360 11 8
RPB-M-80/PM 1327 628 450 178 245 510 480 415 11 8
RPB-M-125/PM 1715 852 674 178 245 510 480 415 11 8
RPB-M-150/PM 1885 1021 843 178 245 510 480 415 11 8
RPB-M-175/PM 2025 1161 983 178 245 510 480 415 11 8
RPB-M-200/PM 2162 1301 1123 178 245 510 480 415 11 8
RPB-M-250/PM 2267 1373 1145 228 300 580 550 475 11 8
RPB-M-300/PM 2810 1602 1374 228 300 580 550 475 11 8
RPB-M-400/PM 2970 2042 1745 286 350 655 620 574 13.5 8
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