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About Us


Packman Company was established in 1975 as one of the pioneers of industrial facility in Iran. The company has five factories located in Isfahan, Villashahr, and Parand.

Initially, Packman company started to produce burners with low and medium capacity for residential use. Gradually, the demand for industrial burners with high capacities increased in the market. Therefore, the company tried to manufacture products that meet the customer needs using the knowledge of experts in Research and Development (R&D) department together with its own experience in hot water and steam boilers for 40 years.

Packman began to produce industrial burners under the brand name Raadman in January, 2011. The constant efforts of experts in R&D department resulted in introducing a product that not only reduces the costs of operation, production, and maintenance, but also has low pollutant emissions. The burners have been changed and updated several times to be in accordance with the latest global regulations and standards in order to emit minimum pollutant throughout the boiler lifespan.

Raadman decided to diversify its products with the focus on industrial and power plant burners up to 40 MW capacity and furnace burners. It is to be noted that expanding the product types and adding variety was impossible without design and manufacturing knowledge. The prototypes of the products were designed with the efforts of engineers and specialists in the field of combustion in R&D and engineering departments. Moreover, the combustion was simulated numerically with up-to-date and powerful software. After optimizing the designed geometry, the prototype was produced and tested in combustion laboratory.

Furthermore, the company has achieved clean combustion by equipping the burners with Ultra Low NOx technology such as premix combustion.

At the moment, Packman Company is trying to perform new tasks and projects. Today, the governments focus on reducing and minimizing the pollutant emission by 2050, so using alternative fuels such as hydrogen and biofuels has been raised. The burners produced by Packman Company are equipped with the technology of using mixed fuels for instance natural gas and hydrogen.

We adhere to honesty and Packman Group’s code of ethics. Also, respecting the Planet, we manufacture the products with the lowest possible pollutant emissions in accordance with international standards. We also have achieved the highest customer satisfaction. The continuous effort leads to the successful presence of Packman Company in the field of technical and engineering services both in domestic and foreign markets of Iran.

Currently, as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial facility in the Middle East, our company exports high-quality products in accordance with the world standards to countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the United Arab Emirates. Also, the company is on the vendor lists of Oil Company and Mapna and has had an influential presence in several large oil and power plant projects in Iran.

Mission & Vission

The company aims to add value to our country by offering products and services in universal quality and standards to its stakeholders with efficient and environmentally-friendly innovative designs and to maintain its identity as a leading company in its sector without compromising its founding principles.

It is to be among the leading export companies in the air conditioning sector with its global brand and reputation.

Quality Policy

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System ensures continuous improvement and auditing of the following objectives.

• Ensuring satisfaction of our customers with the goal of realizing zero defect products, with an emphasis on leon production techniques, increased efficiency with mass production lines and reduced costs,

• Creating a corporate culture intertwined with comnon values by increasing the engagement of our employees, providing them with ergonomic working environmen’s and constantly monitoring their satisfaction,

• Maintaining a corporate company structure that is reliable and fair to its customers and employees,

• Strengthening the branding strategy with innovative technologies by creating products that contribute to ecological balances, environment and energy efficiency with product design and quality,

• Increasing the quality levels and technical capabilities of all supplier companies with training and technology support,

• Responding to customer complaints as quickly as possible with a solution-oriented focus, continuously improving the authorized service network with a focus on customer sctisfaction,

• Carrying out regulatory and preventive actions by systematically following up the feedbacks on the product and service,

• As o domestic company, we are committed to keep our quality policy up to date to compete in international markets and to constantly improve it.



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