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Industrial burners (for the boiler industry as an example) are classified into two major categories:

  1. Monoblock burner (mono-block)
  2. Dual Block burner (dual-block)
«Industrial burners» are manufactured from two main blocks or units; the combustion block and the ventilation system. In mono block burners, these two units are integrated into a single configuration that accommodates all burner accessories from the mechanical parts as well as all electrical accessories, safety devices, fuel trains, human interfaces, flame supervisions, wiring, etc. In contrast, in dual-bloc burners, the ventilation system and the combustion block are manufactured separately and are connected to each other by an air duct.
Monobloc burners have a more compact design with less weight, making them a premier choice for small boiler rooms or limited areas. The electrical panel is integrated and consists of the whole power and control circuits. Whereas In dual block burners, the power circuit is placed on the ventilator block or at a place far from the burner, which is called remote control. This needs more writing and, in some cases, causes complexity in smaller projects.
Since Monoblock burners have smaller sizes, they can be manufactured using casting processes, followed by CNC machining or other high-precision-making techniques. These advantages make them appropriate for batch production; consequently, the delivery time will decrease dramatically.
Noise pollution in mono bloc burners is lower than in dual block burners due to the combustion and ventilation unification. Since there is no air duct (or air canal) between these two sections, the air pressure drop is decreased simultaneously compared to the dual block version. In some cases, there would be a little reduction in the burner power consumption due to the necessity of utilizing smaller fan motors.

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