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Burners Ventilation Systems (BVS-Series)

burner ventilation system

The ventilation system consists of a centrifugal fan, air damper, actuator, filter, and silencer. Unlike dual block burners, the ventilation system is integrated with the burner combustion head in monoblock burners.

  1. A centrifugal fan or blower is installed in combustion systems to supply the combustion air. The fan performance directly affects the burner capacity, power consumption, and noise pollution.
  2. The air damper and actuator are installed on the fan intake to control the airflow rate to better control the burner load. Mechanical or electrical modulation systems use a continuous actuator to control the airflow rate precisely at all points in the burner firing rate range.
  3. The noise generated by the fan can be absorbed by sound-absorbing materials installed, so noise pollution in the burner can be reduced.

A forward or backward inclined centrifugal fan is used to overcome the pressure drop in the burner combustion head and the boiler. The centrifugal fan uses forward, backward, and radial blades dependent on the air flow rate and pressure. Forward centrifugal fans are usually used for applications where low pressure is required and have a smaller diameter than backward. Unlike the forward centrifugal fans, backward fans are used for burners with high-pressure drop combustion heads and boilers.

The performance curve of centrifugal fans shows the flow rate decreases with an increase in the pressure drop. In forward fans, power consumption increases dramatically with the flow rate, but power consumption rises slowly and decreases in backward fans.

The optimum designation of caused Raadman ventilation system work on optimum performance curves with low noise pollution. The fan with the backward inclined curve is required for high-capacity burners, such as monoblock burners with capacities usually above 2 MW, dual block burners, central ventilation systems for water tube burners, and multi-burner systems.

The Raadman ventilation system can install integrally with the combustion bloc in the mono block burners or separately in the dual block.

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