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Gas Burners

monoblock electrical modular gas burner

Nox Reduction Methods

During the last century, Nitrogen oxide emissions, called NOx, have constantly been increasing. Due to the destructive effects of nitrogen oxides on the health of

Industrial Furnace Burners

The «furnace industry» and products determine the type of flame contact. In many heat treatment processes, where the combustion gases must not come into contact

Gas Burners

Electrical Modular Monoblock Gas Burners (RGB-M Series)

RGB-M Series or RAADMAN Electrical Modular Monoblock gas burners, covering a firing range from 160 to 17000 kW, are designed for a wide range of domestic and industrial applications. All RAADMAN modular burners are equipped with LAMTEC or SIEMENS electronic control system with capability of full air/gas ratio control throughout entire burner operating range. These burners have been tested and evaluated based on Iran national standard ISIRI-7595 (BS-EN 676). According to performed experiments, the values of CO even in low excess air operation is lower than 30 mg/kWh (In some cases, values close to zero have also been reported). The precise design of combustion head results a full gas-air mixture that guarantees high efficiency levels in all various applications. Burner superior design accompanied by high quality electronic devices have also resulted a further improvement in boiler’s performance in order to decrease the fuel cost and emissions.

Gas Burners (RGB-M Series) Firing Ranges

Gas Train Diagram

GT1 (Pressure input<360 mbar, separated items)
GT2 (Pressure input<360 mbar, multi bloc gas train)
GT3 (Pressure input<360 mbar, separated gas train, with pilot)
GT4 (Pressure input<360 mbar, multi block gas train, with pilot)
GT5 (Pressure input>360 mbar, separated gas train, with pilot)
GT6 (Pressure input>360 mbar, multi block gas train, with pilot)
1: Ball valve 8: Safety gas valve 14: Shut-off valve
2: Gas filter 9: Main gas valve 15: High pressure regulator
3: Push button valve 10: Leak Test gas pressure switch 16: Relief valve
4: Pressure Gauge 11: Max gas pressure switch 17: Pilot regulator
5: Pressure regulator (Low-pressure) 12: Butterfly valve 18: Pilot valve 1
6: Pressure Gauge 13: Multi-Block Solenoid Valve 19: Pilot valve 2
7: Min gas pressure switch

Gas Train Size

*Combustion head
Special Note:
The above gas train sizes are proposed based on the costumer’s requests and the limits of the projects while placing an order. Therefore, we kindly ask the readers that assume this information as an initial.

RGB-M Series Emissions

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