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Raadman Burner

The Best Industrial Burner in the World!


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The Best Industrial Burner in The World!

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47  Years of Experience…

We stand with honesty and the code of ethics of Packman Group. Also, according to international standards for the planet earth, with the lowest level of pollution emissions, we will produce products of suitable quality with the latest global technologies in the combustion industry. We also have the honor of taking steps to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. The result of this continuous effort is the successful presence of Packman company in the field of technical and engineering services and domestic and foreign markets of Iran.

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It’s experience, customer care and technological development that makes Raadman a leader in its sector

Who we are?

Manufacturer of industrial burners with quality assurance

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Middle East Diamond Swan
chitgar residential complex
Chitgar residential complex
Bahman Hospital
Baghe behesht saadat abad
Baghe Behesht Residential Complex
Isfahan International Conference Center
gardeshgari bank raadman burner projects
Gardeshgari Bank
attlas mall tehran raadman burner project 4
Attlas Mall
Parsian Hospital
roma residence raadman burner project 2
Roma Residence
Iran Zamin Tower
Cyrus Cultural Sports complex Raadman Project
Cyrus cultural and sports complex
Espina palace hotel Raadman Project 1
Espinas Palace Hotel
Esfahan City Center

Our Projects

After 40 years of experience in the field of heating industry, especially boilers and burners, this group started his activity on January 2011 in the area of burners with brand of RAADMAN. The main objective of this group was improvement and development of industrial burners in order to produce high quality and high efficient industrial burners with optimum operation in the Middle East. Based on technical knowledge and engineering design of industrial burners, PACKMAN Corporation started the production of low and medium sized industrial burners. By the efforts of engineers of R&D department, the burner’s combustion improved significantly and as a consequence, the production of burners developed rapidly. Gas, Light oil and Dual fuel burners with different firing ranges were produced and tested successfully.


Readman’s high-quality products represent renowned solutions with high efficiency and exceptional performance. From a future perspective, the Raadman engineers’ researches and developments are about reducing general concerns about energy sources and the environment. All Raadman heating systems are designed and developed to have the future in mind. Our burners work with gas, oil, and other liquids like kerosene, and as a clean fuel, our Hydrogen-ready Burners are focused on reducing the environmental impacts. When reliable heating, hot water, or energy solutions are in demand for residential or businesses, Raadman can give added optional controls to save energy, money, and time.

Today’s requirements to have full controls with fewer on-site operators have led to the development of more remote operation capabilities, enabling many manufacturing companies to move more of their operations into automation. Our modular burners are designed to increase the firing range controls, so there is no need to set the burners manually. It helps reduce on-site presence, dangers, and operational costs.

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10­th Anniversary International Exhibition Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Water Supply, Plumbing, Swimming Pools, Environment and Renewable Energy

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nox reduction methods

Nox Reduction Methods

During the last century, Nitrogen oxide emissions, called NOx, have constantly been increasing. Due to the destructive effects of nitrogen oxides on the health of society and

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industrial furnace burners

Industrial Furnace Burners

The «furnace industry» and products determine the type of flame contact. In many heat treatment processes, where the combustion gases must not come into contact with the

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Need any help with the projects?

Our Services

Design and Production

Ideation, design, simulation, and manufacturing of various industrial burners, including Monoblock, dual block, Premix, and furnace, all developed in different types of single and combination fuel burners, capable of burning up to four significant fuels (Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil, and Heavy Oil).

Providing Consultation and After Sale Services

Field investigation and Evaluation, Technical consultation, Installation and adjustment, and starting all kinds of burners in projects such as power plants, petrochemical, refining industries, powerhouses, and heating systems.

Industrial Training Courses

Holding general and specialized training courses in fuel, combustion, burner equipment, and their start-up principles. Holding professional industrial training courses in fuel, combustion, burner equipment, setting up, and starting principles.


An industrial burner is a safe, reliable, and controllable device designed and manufactured to achieve the required energy. The burners convert fuel energy into thermal energy by mixing a certain amount of air and fuel (after providing the initial energy of ignition) and ensure combustion stability.

Industrial Burners are at the center of any production chain in industries. «Industrial burners» are used in residential and industrial boilers, power plants, metal and minerals production, petrochemical industries, waste incineration industries, food industries, and all types of dryers.

Air and gas must mix on a molecular scale to have a stable and reliable flame. The mixture explodes by activation energy and providing an ignition source and a stable flame forms. Depending on where and how air and fuel are mixed in an industrial burner, gas burners are divided into nozzle mixed and premixed burners. Nozzle-mixed burners combined air and gas in their head, but in premixed burners, they mixed before entering the head at a venture device or a cascade mixer.

Raadman product size varies from low firing rates (in order of 100 kW) in residential or small business projects to high firing rates (in order of 60 MW) in power plants.

  • Boiler burners
  • Fire heater burners
  • High-velocity burners for ceramic and metal furnace
  • Water tube burners

The boiler burner and furnace burner are today's most common burner types. Since furnaces require a heat source to provide the energy for products, one-stage, two-stage, or modular BFBs are commonly used.

The application, required heat, cost, availability, and other parameters affect the burner fuels. Industrial burners can burn gaseous fuel (natural gas, LPG, acetylene, hydrogen, etc.), liquid fuel (light and heavy oil, kerosene, biofuels, etc.), and sometimes solid fuel (coal, coke, wood, etc.).

As mentioned before, air and fuel mixing and igniting can be done using an industrial burner for heating, boiling, or similar purposes. The heat energy is transferred to the place where the energy is required using a combustion chamber.

Oil burners can generally be categorized into gun-type (atomizing) burners. There are three gun types: pressure atomizer, air/steam assistant atomizer, and rotary cup.

Like gas burners, these burners provide an excellent condition for air and fuel to be mixed, ignited, and combusted. Unlike gaseous fuels, oils must be atomized into fine and small droplets of liquid by steam or pressure atomizer or rotary cup and vaporized to be ignitable. Forcing pressurized fuel to pass through a nozzle or orifice gives the desired result.

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