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Furnace Burner

What is a Furnace Burner?

In the progressive world where we live, the combustion process and industrial furnaces play a significant role.

Furnace burners are used in industries such as:

  • Metal melting
  • Preheating units, for instance, annealing
  • Minerals production like glass, cement, bricks, refractory materials, and ceramics
  • Petrochemical and refinery industries
  • Waste incineration industries
  • Drying processes such as paper production, printing, and publishing
  • Food industries, like beverage

Furnace load and operating temperature specify the type and the number of burners that should be installed on the furnace.

According to furnace operations, burners can install vertically or horizontally on furnaces.

«Furnace burners» are categorized into direct or indirect flame, high-velocity, flameless, oxygen-enriched, regenerative, and recuperative.

Nox Reduction Methods

During the last century, Nitrogen oxide emissions, called NOx, have constantly been increasing. Due to the destructive effects of nitrogen oxides on the health of

Industrial Furnace Burners

The «furnace industry» and products determine the type of flame contact. In many heat treatment processes, where the combustion gases must not come into contact

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