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Dual Fuel Burners

dual fuel staging monoblock burner
Power (kW)

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Nox Reduction Methods

During the last century, Nitrogen oxide emissions, called NOx, have constantly been increasing. Due to the destructive effects of nitrogen oxides on the health of

Dual Fuel Burners

RLGB-Series Raadman Burner


Raadman gas and dual fuel burners are suitable for the following utilizations.

  • Installation on heat exchanger
  • Hot water boiler
  • Steam boiler and high-pressure hot water boiler
  • Hot air generator
  • Compatible with all types of combustion chambers according to EN303 standard.


The emissions have been measured in various models at the maximum output, according to DIN-EN 676 and DIN-EN 297 standard.

The values of CO and NOx during burner operation are lower than 30 and 120 mg/kWh at 20 % excess of air for normal versions and, lower than 20 and 80 mg/kWh for Low NOx versions (LN series). consequently, the burner’s NOx class of II and III is reported and being approved for normal version and LN Versions respectively.

rlgb series raadman monoblock staging dual fuel burner

Burner Selection

Working diagrams for light fuel oil burner are certified in accordance with EN 267.

The firing rate diagram has been obtained considering the ambient temperature of 20°C and atmospheric pressure of 1013 mbar (Sea level condition).

BurnerCapacity (KW)Turn DownBurnerCapacity (KW)Turn Down
RLGB-MC-110NG: 350-11001:3RLGB-MC-175/LNNG: 320-18001:5
LFO: 350-11001:3LFO: 320-18001:5
rlgb-55 staging monoblock dual fuel burner
rlgb-85 staging monoblock dauL FUEL BURNER
BurnerCapacity (KW)Turn DownBurnerCapacity (KW)Turn Down
RLGB-110NG: 350-11001:3RLGB-175/LNNG: 320-18001:5
LFO: 350-11001:3LFO: 320-18001:5
RLGB-145NG: 400-13801:4RLGB-205/LNNG: 450-22001:5
LFO: 400-13801:4LFO: 450-22001:5
rlgb-110-145 staging dual fuel monoblock burner
rlgb-175-205-ln staging dual fuel monoblock burner
BurnerCapacity (KW)Turn DownBurnerCapacity (KW)Turn Down
RLGB-305/LNNG: 600-30001:5RLGB-405/LNNG: 680-41001:6
LFO: 600-30001:5LFO: 680-41001:6
RLGB-385/LNNG: 350-35001:5RLGB-505/LNNG: 700-51001:7
LFO:650-35001:5LFO: 700-51001:7
rlgb-305-385-ln staging dual fuel monoblock burner
rlgb-405-505-ln staging dual fuel monoblock burner
BurnerCapacity (KW)Turn DownBurnerCapacity (KW)Turn Down
RLGB-605/LNNG: 1000-61001:6RLGB-255/LNNG: 580-24001:4
LFO: 1000-61001:6LFO: 580-24001:4

Technical data

RLGB-Series (Dual-fuel burner)

RLGB burners include: Ventilation system with AC motor, Ignition transformer and electrodes, electrical panel with power contactors, fuses, relays, central controller, air pressure switches, Oil delivery solenoid valves and pressure gauges plus pump and AC motor with return and feed pipes, sound proofing material, Lamp signals for operational supervision etc.

BurnerMotor(kW/PH/V/HZ/rpm)ControllerActuator (N.M)
RLGB-550.75 /3 /380-400 /50 /2840Shokouh2.5
RLGB-851.1 /3 /380-400 /50 /2840Shokouh2.5
RLGB-1101.5 /3 /380-400 /50 /2840LFL1.333
RLGB-1452.2 /3 /380-400 /50 /2840Simenes3
RGB-175/LN4 /3 /380-400 /50 /2840Simenes3
RLGB-205/LN5.5 /3 /380-400 /50 /2840Simenes3
RLGB-2555.5 /3 /380-400 /50 /2840Simenes3
RLGB-305/LN7.5 /3 /380-400 /50 /2940Simenes9
RLGB-385/LN7.5 /3 /380-400 /50 /2940Simenes9
RLGB-405/LN11 /3 /380-400 /50 /2940Simenes9
RLGB-505/LN11 /3 /380-400 /50 /2940Simenes9
RLGB-605/LN15 /3 /380-400 /50 /2920Simenes9

Fuel System

Dual Fuel Burner (Light Oil Side)

Two Stages dual-fuel burner
Two Stages dual-fuel burner
Three Stages dual-fuel burner
Three Stages dual-fuel burner

MV: Fan motorVD1: Light oil delivery valve Stage 1C: Coupling
MP: Pump motorVD2: Light oil delivery valve Stage 2G: Gauge
FS: Flame sensorVD2: Light oil delivery valve StageF: Gas or oil flame
VD: Light oil safety valveTA: ignition transformerASV: Air damper servomotor
PA: Air pressure switch


emission dual fuel staing mono block burner