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Photo Report of the 11th Aquatherm® International Exhibition, 2023

Report of the 11th Aquatherm® International Exhibition, 2023

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The 11th Aquatherm® International Exhibition for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Water Supply, Plumbing, Swimming Pools, Environment and Renewable Energy was held on October 4th, 2023 at Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre Tashkent (with the area of 5,800m2) with participants from 110 national companies from 12 countries with the support of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The exhibition lasted until October 6th, 2023 with an effective participation of manufacturers of heating and ventilation systems.

The attendance of different foreign countries such as Germany, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Poland, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan, provided a great opportunity for companies to meet more than 7,000 visitors including chief managers, suppliers, merchants, investors, and experts from 12 countries visited the exhibition. While 95% of the visitors stated the significant influence of exhibition on their business improvement, 83% recommended the exhibition attendance to their colleagues and 50% of the visitors planned to take part in the exhibition for next year.

considering that the 22nd international exhibition of HVAC&R and this exhibition were held at the same time, Packman Industrial Group, one of the leading suppliers of heating and ventilation systems, combustion and ignition systems, desalination and water purification systems, and industrial greenhouse facilities in the middle east and CIS participated in both exhibitions.

Also, raadman brand, manufacturer of industrial burners, exhibited its products in the 11th Tashkent Aquatherm® International Exhibition 2023. The following are photos and videos taken during this event.

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